Every one is different!

Even though the settee' is the same size and style, every one is a unique work of art. This is my favorite piece to create. I carefully gather the material for your project selecting just the right shapes and colors to fit your home. Then I hand peel each log to a colorful finish. The next step is to assemble and fit together all of the pieces. This is tricky because each piece is a different size and shape. The more twisted pieces are what gives the work its unique look , but take more time and patience to get a good fit. I make sure each joint is very tight and glued and screwed, to ensure a long lasting sturdy piece of furniture. After carefully sanding the work, I apply a high quality interior/exterior finish. You can use them indoors or out.

Photos of my Artistic Log Furniture

Table and Benches
Great for a kitchen table or a picnic set! Very Well built.
Rustic Log Accessories !
See paper towel dispenser, and kitchen organizer, coat and mug racks, mirror and plant stands.
King Sized Log Bed and Nightstands!
You will love my sturdy, functional work. No two are alike.
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Price List and Ordering Information
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John Patterson


Fort Collins Colorado 80526
United States

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